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Why Document Your Vessel?

The purchase of a vessel represents a substantial investment of time and money. Vessel documentation, or the title and registration process, can be complex and confusing. Laws and regulations are ever changing and the specialized knowledge of a professional who deals with these issues on a daily basis can offer optimum protection for your investment. 

For a reasonable fee, we invite you to leave the details to us. Simply fill out the attached data sheet and we’ll immediately be in touch.

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Is Documentation a Requirement?
Yes, if you have a commercial vessel of any type you are required by law to document the vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. Whether you are carrying passengers for hire, cargo or a fishing vessel, if you are over 5 net tons (generally anything over 26 feet), you are required to document the vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. Lenders generally will require a vessel to be documented so they can secure their interest through a First Preferred Ship Mortgage.
Benefits of Documentation
• Once a vessel is documented with the U.S. Coast Guard it is awarded an official number which becomes part of the  vessel’s permanent record.

• Documentation is a one time process. There are no annual renewal fees to maintain the vessel’s documented status.

• The chain of ownership of a vessel is maintained in one registry, a registry of history, pride, tradition and prestige.

• Documentation facilitates clearance with foreign governments and gives you the status and protection of a U.S.  flagged vessel.

• Documentation facilitates the sale of a vessel, particularly when financing is involved.

• Documentation provides protection against fraudulent transfers of yachts.

• Documented vessels are exempt from displaying state numbers on their hull.

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